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    The consumer electronics trends at IFA 2018

    Screens for HDR content, voice control for the entire home, and endless music from the internet

    As the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics, IFA 2018 will present the
    trends that will inspire millions of customers’ Christmas shopping decisions as well as
    innovations that go far beyond today’s horizons – from August 31 to September 5,

Screens with 8K resolution

Visitors to IFA can already look forward to screens with 8K resolution, flexible dis-plays that can be rolled up neatly, and large modular video walls made of red, green, and blue Micro LEDs. Actual purchase plans, however, will be based on different criteria, such as demand for the highest contrast: Advanced HDR technologies, featuring a wide range of contrast between dazzling bright and deep black image areas, are currently attracting customers’ attention. 



Televisions able to connect to the internet


Ease of use is just as important: Ever since televisions have been able to connect to the internet, the range of media they offer has grown immensely. New user interfaces allow users to find their favorite programs intuitively – whether they come from a TV station, a connected player, a media library, or a video portal. 


Elegant soundbars, often featuring 3D audio playback, provide the appropriate sound. Special speaker chassis face the ceiling and reflect the sound, giving the listener a feel for the height of the recording space. 



Wireless speakers


Wireless speakers are still among the most popular types of consumer electronics devices. Many models can be connected to multi-room systems and provide customers with an ever-growing range of music available from streaming services over the internet, including recordings in high-definition quality. 

Voice assistants

Wireless loudspeakers with voice control were already booming last year. In the up-coming months, voice assistants will be found in many other types of devices as well. They will be shown at IFA 2018: TVs, sound systems, soundbars, and even head-phones with integrated voice control will be among the most exciting new products. The number of devices available with voice control is just as large. Many household devices already react to the spoken word, and even lighting or air-conditioning sys-tems in smart homes will obey voice commands in the future. A reference installation displaying a fully networked home in IFA NEXT, the show’s section on the future in Hall 26, will display ways that technology will enrich future living environments, among other things.


Vinyl record players

But the past will pop up at some IFA stands as well. HiFi purists can’t wait: This year, they will find new vinyl record players which with their uncompromising standard of quality overshadow everything that has been developed for the mechanical scanning of recorded media since the days of the gramophone. 

Latest generation of smartphones

Exciting innovations of a completely different kind are to be found among mobile de-vices. The latest generation of smartphones has particularly amazing camera fea-tures. Optical systems with two or even more lenses provide incredible picture quality and can even capture distant subjects or twilight scenes. 


4K resolution cameras


Adventurous media creators are now producing films for TV audiences who wear VR goggles. These products can be viewed on the stands of the large CE retailers and at IFA Next, the new section highlighting the future, in Hall 26. A wide range of the necessary hardware has been available for some time: 360-degree cameras for mobile and stationary use, devices that boast resolution to professional standards, 360-degree lens attachments for smartphones and naturally VR goggles that feature higher and higher resolutions and even better comfort.


Three sixty degrees camera


Adventurous media-makers will also find a diverse range of offerings at IFA 2018: new 360-degree cameras that capture panoramas in high resolution – ideal for view-ing with VR glasses or for display on screens that invite users to navigate through panoramic scenes.

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