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    Home appliance trends at IFA 2019

    Smart functions offer more features and improved ease of use

    From 6 to 11 September numerous exhibitors will be exhibiting their product trends at IFA in Berlin. Retailers, trade visitors and consumers at the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances will be impressed by the wide range of products, innovative features and performance of these products.

Home appliance trends:

Connectivity in appliances
incl. voice control & artificial intelligence (AI)

Connectivity in appliances continues to stand out as the main trend. The use of voice control and artificial intelligence (AI) is resulting in more and more smart, versatile and high-performance products. Major and small domestic appliances are becoming easier to use, more user-friendly and efficient while also featuring more functions. New appliance categories now cleverly combine the functions and features of several devices. Technological advances, in batteries for instance, offer greater freedom of use, while others ensure food stays fresh longer or give better washing and cleaning results. Major and small domestic appliances make household chores easier and save valuable resources such as energy, water and time.

Connected appliances can exchange information, record personal habits and make and implement suggestions for improvement or optimization. That means connected appliances save the user time, capacity and resources. They provide many tips, including for saving energy, caring for laundry, or new recipes and preparation methods and dietary advice.

Connected appliances are managed and controlled not only via mobile devices and the relevant apps. Voice and gesture control is becoming increasingly commonplace. Voice control offers a clear edge in terms of ease of use, as appliances can still be used when hands are full. With connected appliances a user can easily request and receive the latest program status, messages, or care, maintenance and service information. Thanks to integrated cameras, checking the oven or fridge away from home is no longer a problem. Solutions featuring artificial intelligence allow for appliances that can think, learn and give the user practical suggestions and tips. The result makes everyday life a little easier, improving ease of use as well as safety and efficiency.

Health & sustainability

Another important aspect is health. With the right appliances and helpers, ensuring a healthy diet and meals, fitness and wellbeing become easier and an even more fun experience. Preparing and enjoying meals, alone or with friends and family, is still an important event. Technologically assisted physical exercise and clean surrounding air are other aspects within this context.

Sustainability, energy efficiency and saving resources are also very important criteria for users. Domestic appliances have been outstanding examples of low electricity, water and detergent consumption for many years now, and each new generation improves upon the last. Purchasing a new domestic appliance makes sense for many reasons: besides numerous technological innovations and new, easier-to-use features, the savings from improved, lower consumption weigh up the purchase cost within a very short time.

Individual and excellent designs

For many years the latest generations of major and small domestic appliances have been making a mockery of the traditional term to describe them: white goods. They are often genuine designer items. These products feature excellent styling, fine and high-quality materials combined with fresh colors, and offer numerous options for personalizing them to one’s own taste.

Trends of IFA 2019

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Home Electronics 2019

The latest products and innovations from the leading manufacturers of major and small domestic appliances will again be in the spotlight from September 6 to 11 at IFA in Berlin. "Smart” in every way thanks to AI, voice control, and connectivity... More

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