• Larger display area – Wider range of topics – High international attendance

    IFA NEXT is set for growth

    The IFA presented a new stage for innovation

    IFA NEXT, the innovation platform of IFA, featured a much greater display area, a second stage for lectures, discussion rounds, theme days, workshops, a wider range of topics and an even higher international attendance. IFA NEXT 2018 was even more attractive and this year featured an extra display section in Hall 26. A second IFA NEXT Innovation Engine stage set the scene for a more diverse program – and for new presentation formats such as technical workshops and hands-on sessions.

    This year, voice recognition and artificial intelligence have been key topics at IFA NEXT. The House of Smart Living from ZVEI*, an installation that sets standards for connected living, brought this topic closer to visitors: be it the coffee machine, digital media or energy management, everything reacts to voice commands, while a background learning process ensures machines automatically adapt every system to users’ needs.

    *The House of Smart Living features a combined display organized by ZVEI, VDE and ZVEH (under the aegis of ZVEH – the German Association of Electrical and IT Professions)

  • At IFA NEXT robots have been another key topic. They included exhibits that invited visitors to find out about autonomous machines in entertaining ways. Using supplied components, younger visitors could assemble their own robot and teach it how to dance, for example, and in doing so learn how these machines can be individually programmed.

    Startups from all over the world were part of an exhibitor community boasting a high creative potential.

    The future of mobility was the focus of a debut event at IFA NEXT. This was the first time the Shift AUTOMOTIVE mobility convention took place at IFA. It showed how new technology is about to change people’s lifestyle and mobility from the consumer’s point of view.


IFA NEXT made its successful debut as an innovation hub at IFA 2017, covering topics that belong together under one roof for the first time:

  • An exhibition of innovative technologies for the markets of tomorrow – featuring fascinating lectures from research institutes, universities, organizations, platforms and startups.
  • The global Innovation Congress IFA+ Summit featuring forward-looking topics that reaches far beyond day-to-day events.
  • The IFA Keynotes featuring lectures and presentations by senior decision-makers from leading companies.
  • Since 2018: Shift AUTOMOTIVE, the future mobility convention.
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